So Much for Position Limits on COMEX Gold – Got Gold Report

So Much for Position Limits on COMEX Gold  – Got Gold Report

HOUSTON — We are using this space to put something in the public domain out of convenience more than anything. Where were the regulators on gold futures position limits April 12 and April 16? Flash back to Friday, April 12, when the paper gold futures market was slammed with an enormous sell order in the early going of New York trading, following a “tenderizing” of the market right at the New York open. We have read and heard various descriptions of the initial sell order being as little as 124 tonnes and as much as 400 tonnes of gold equivalent – sold by a single source or by a group all at once – with the express intent to break the gold market. (More…) Friday, April 12 5-minute tick chart courtesy of Ross Norman, Sharps-Pixley, UK. We want to voice a concern of ours which we thought of that very day and have thought about off and on since then, but have yet to act on it. (Other than to share it with several colleagues.) Our simple question: Where are…



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